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Babumashai is a fine dining which offers multiple tempting food options from both Continental and Indian dishes

Welcome to Babumashai

Delectable food is one of the pleasures you can enjoy throughout your life and when we talk of it, Indian cuisine with its long trail of ambrosial seasoning and ingenious cooking habits is the first think to strike us. Reflecting the broad diversity of histories and experiences within the Indian boundaries, plentiful ethnic cultures have got a complete new essence refined from the intermingled, mix and match preparatory habits. From Dum, Tawa, Handi, Tandoor to Mughlai, and Afghani, India takes pride on each of its rich cuisine. Lauded for its curries, aromatic spic es and complex flavor pairings with the use of garlic, ginger, saffron, tamarind and other pungent ingredients, the resulting taste combinations are unlike anything found elsewhere around the world and Babumashai is one such fine dining which will make you fall in love with food all the more.

About Us

Babumashai is a fine dining which offers multiple tempting food options from both Continental and Indian dishes.With a huge variety of soups, main dishes, cocktails and desserts in both styles, makes Babumashai a much chosen restaurant for all age. Babumashai set up in Garia is the first outlet of this restaurant and having a second outlet in Hotel Luxor, Durgapur serves the most exoticand mouth watering dishes to all.

Stepping into Babumashai, your love for India is sure to increase, leaving you all the more hungry. Order any food and we will get it on your table. We love to see you love the food!

Our Specialties

Moderately-priced classic and contemporary food is served amid the perfect ambiance and has every famous recipe on their menu whether it is vegetarian, non-vegetarian or snacks for all the food lovers to relish the food prepared in an authentic manner preserving quality and the traditional cooking methods to prepare these exquisite and lip smacking varieties for the customers.


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Contact Us

ADDRESS: 1518, Garia Main Road, Near Kavi Nazrul Metro, Garia, Kolkata
PHONE: +91 891 088 2912